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Business Management Program at Platt College

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Business Management Hybrid Program
About the Program


The Business Management Hybrid program is designed for students interested in starting a small business, or who are interested in working in a business-related field such as sales, marketing, operations, finance, accounting, human resources, or office administration.

The Business Management Hybrid program at Platt College prepares graduates for business-related fields such as sales, marketing, operations, finance, accounting, human resources, or office administration.

Graduates are awarded an Associate of Arts in Business Management.  

This business management course in college features instruction that will familiarize students with the core business functions, supplemented by coursework geared towards introducing and improving key business skills:

  • How to develop a business plan
  • Basic accounting and bookkeeping
  • Marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Managing and motivating employees
  • Business law
  • Becoming an entrepreneur
  • Application of select business software

Our curriculum combines interactive learning with opportunities to apply theory to real-world business situations through group projects and case studies. With this teaching approach, students can learn from Industry professionals, helping them acquire the skills and knowledge they need to pursue careers in professional settings of their choice.

  • Program will be taught through a combination of online and on-campus courses.
  • All program courses have been predetermined to be either online or on-ground


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Career Opportunities

Business Management graduates typically pursue entry-level career opportunities in a broad spectrum of positions essential to operating and growing a business: sales, marketing, data analysis, bookkeeping, human resources, employee administration, and office management.

Business Management • Curriculum
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The Business Management Hybrid

curriculum at Platt College is designed to prepare our students to seek entry-level employment in their chosen field. Key coursework in our program in Business Management includes:

  • Introduction to Business Management and Operations
  • Business Planning
  • Business Law
  • Marketing
  • Business Communication
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • eCommerce
  • Ethics and Professional
  • Capstone course (including the development of a business plan)

Except as expressly provided in California Education Code Section 94898, Platt College reserves the right to modify policies, course schedules, curricula or courses within reason due to exigent circumstances, program upgrades and/or content changes, and to cancel programs of study, modes of delivery, upcoming start dates or individual courses as it deems necessary. If a course or program is canceled, the school may schedule course completion at a later date or refund all monies paid for the canceled course or program if the student does not wish to continue with the program at the later date. All Platt College programs are not available at all locations, please see an Admissions Representative for more information on specific enrollment information.

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