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Respiratory Therapy Bachelor's Degree (Degree Complete)

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Respiratory Therapy • Bachelor's Degree (Complete Program)
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Platt College’s Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy or Respiratory Care is the treatment, management, control, diagnostic evaluation, and care of patients with deficiencies or abnormalities of the cardiopulmonary system, such as bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, and other forms of obstructive and restrictive diseases. The Respiratory Care Practitioner is a vital part of the medical team. They are among the first persons called to give treatment and care in emergency situations. Practicing under the direction of a physician, respiratory therapists assume primary responsibility for all respiratory therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. They evaluate and treat all types of patients, ranging from premature infants whose lungs are not fully developed to elderly people whose lungs are diseased. In clinical practice, many of their daily duties include:

Assessing lung and breathing disorders and recommending treatment methods; interviewing patients and doing chest physical exams; obtaining sputum specimens for analysis; drawing and analyzing arterial blood specimens; performing pulmonary function tests; providing complex therapy requiring considerable independent judgment such as managing ventilators and artificial airway devices; giving emergency care to patients who are victims of a heart attack, stroke, drowning, or shock; and educating patients and families about lung disease.

Respiratory Therapists are experts in aiding the breathing process through the use of oxygen and medical gases, humidifiers, aerosols, ventilators/life support systems, chest physiotherapy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and artificial airways. They maintain, assemble, sterilize, and test all medical and auxiliary equipment in these functions. Respiratory Care Practitioners work with patients in the hospital surgical and medical wards, emergency rooms, outpatient department, intensive care units, neonatal nursery, and skilled nursing facilities and in-home care.

Bachelor’s degree completion program is designed to help students with an Associate’s Degree in Respiratory Therapy:

• Advance as Respiratory Care practitioners
• Prepare to move into administrative or managerial responsibilities in their departments

For those focused on improving their knowledge as Respiratory Care practitioners, our curriculum includes coursework in advanced topics in Respiratory Therapy critical care including:

• Pharmacological and ventilator management of the critically ill patient
• Patient stabilization
• Patient transport
• Disaster preparedness
• Introduction to research techniques

The Respiratory Therapy Bachelor’s degree completion program is designed to prepare the practicing Respiratory Therapist for advancement into a supervisory or management position in the health-care field.

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Vocational Objective

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates may be employed as Respiratory Care Practitioners in acute care hospitals in areas such as: intensive care units, emergency rooms, newborn & pediatric units, and operating rooms. Nursing care facilities, doctor’s offices, pulmonary rehabilitation facilities, home health care services, smoking cessation programs, asthma education programs, sales, and air transport are some of the areas of employment available to our graduates.

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Respiratory Therapy

For students seeking to advance into an administrative or management position in the health care setting, our curriculum includes coursework to help:

• Gain familiarity with the U.S. healthcare system
• Improve communication, analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills
• Develop a solid foundation in business fundamentals

Students also complete a capstone project designed to synthesize the knowledge gained in the program. Each student will propose and conduct an evidence-based project focusing on management in the health care setting. Examples from past graduates include:

• Development of clinical protocols
• Concurrent audits of patient care
• Development of capital budgets
• Development and presentation of in-service programs

Except as expressly provided in California Education Code Section 94898, Platt College reserves the right to modify policies, course schedules, curricula or courses within reason due to exigent circumstances, program upgrades and/or content changes, and to cancel programs of study, modes of delivery, upcoming start dates or individual courses as it deems necessary. If a course or program is canceled, the school may schedule course completion at a later date or refund all monies paid for the canceled course or program if the student does not wish to continue with the program at the later date. All Platt College programs are not available at all locations, please see an Admissions Representative for more information on specific enrollment information.

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