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Veterinary Technology Associate's Degree

Earn your Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology Online in as little as 18-months!

Platt College Distance Education offers an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology that is designed to provide in-depth study and training necessary to gain entry-level employment in animal health care.

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Program Details
Veterinary Technology

Program Details

Veterinary Technicians perform many of the same tasks for veterinarians that nurses and other professionals perform for physicians.

Veterinary Technicians assist Veterinarians in providing medical care to animals.  The Veterinary Technician is a vital part of the animal-care team, performing critical tasks that assist in diagnosis and treatment.  Samples duties include:

  • Recording patient histories
  • Preparing the patient for examination or surgery
  • Providing vaccinations
  • Administering medications
  • Taking vital signs and blood samples
  • Preparing tissue samples
  • Expose and develop radiographs and assist with ultrasounds
  • Performing laboratory procedures such as urinalysis and blood counts and taking blood samples
  • Assisting in surgery
  • Providing and assisting with anesthesia
  • Providing post-operative care and nursing care to sick and injured animals

As Vet Techs advance in their careers, many move to management and supervisory positions in animal health-care facilities and service companies.

Veterinary technologists and technicians assisting small-animal practitioners usually care for small pets, such as cats and dogs, but can perform a variety of duties with mice, rats, sheep, pigs, cattle, monkeys, birds, fish, and frogs.

Besides working in private clinics and animal hospitals, some veterinary technicians work in research facilities under the guidance of veterinarians or physicians. In this role, they may administer medications; prepare samples for laboratory examinations, or record information on an animal’s genealogy, diet, weight, medications, food intake, and clinical signs of pain and distress. Some may sterilize laboratory and surgical equipment and provide routine postoperative care.

Platt College’s Veterinary Technology Associate Degree Distance Education program is currently considered an extension of our on-campus program which has AVMA accreditation. With AVMA accreditation graduates will be eligible to sit for the Veterinary Technology National Examination (VTNE).

Veterinary Technology Passage Rates Statement

Platt College’s Veterinary Technology program is currently AVMA accredited which includes the Distance Education option for this program. With AVMA accreditation, graduates will be eligible to sit for the Veterinary Technology National Examination (VTNE) to become Registered Veterinary Technicians

VTNE Passage Rates

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Vocational Objective

The Veterinary Technology DE Program at Platt College is designed to prepare graduates for competency as entry-level Veterinary Technicians. On completion of the program, graduates will be able to demonstrate comprehension of relevant information and the ability to evaluate and apply this knowledge in their role as Veterinary Technicians. They will be able to demonstrate the technical skills necessary to fulfill the role of a Veterinary Technician and will demonstrate professionalism and personal behavior consistent with medical standards and employer expectations.

Except as expressly provided in California Education Code Section 94898, Platt College reserves the right to modify policies, course schedules, curricula or courses within reason due to exigent circumstances, program upgrades and/or content changes, and to cancel programs of study, modes of delivery, upcoming start dates or individual courses as it deems necessary. If a course or program is canceled, the school may schedule course completion at a later date or refund all monies paid for the canceled course or program if the student does not wish to continue with the program at the later date. All Platt College programs are not available at all locations, please see an Admissions Representative for more information on specific enrollment information.

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